Frequently Asked Questions

Published by Paul Blundell on 2017-10-01 12:30


What is Mosaic Photo?

Mosaic Photo will take your collection of photos and turn them into a mosaic. Up close you will see the individual photos and when viewed from a distance you will see an overall main photo. Mosaic Photo is a stunning photo gift and a fantastic way to capture a special moment.

Mosaic Photo is a small business that aims for the best customer service possible. Our mosaics are created with a combination of highly professional software developed by our own team and professional mosaic artists who have a sharp eye and attention to detail, the combination of both ensures you will get the best possible mosaic that will be unbeatable by any online generated mosaic.

What kind of photo should I use as the Main Photo?

The best mosaics are usually where the main photo is up close and does not contain a lot of small details that become difficult to represent as a mosaic. Landscape photos often have mixed results and usually work best if combined with a large number of tile photos. Please take a look at our example page for an idea of the kind of photos that work best as a mosaic.

How many photos do I need?

Typically a mosaic will have between 1500 and 3000 tiles depending on the level of detail required in the main photo. Therefore if you supply 100 photos then each photo would be repeated around 15 to 30 times but never repeated near each other. We would suggest a minimum of 100 photos for a decent mosiac but the more you can supply the better your mosaic will look!

What size would you recommend?

The size of your mosaic is taken into account when creating your mosaic. If you order a small size such as A4 or 12" x 10" Canvas then we will ensure your tile photos are as large as possible so they are still visible when printed. Typically we aim for each tile size to be a minimum of 1cm squared but they are usually bigger than this.

How long does it take?

If you have requested a preview of your mosaic when ordering then we usually will send you this via a link contained in an email within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). You can then make as many changes as you like at this stage and we will work with you until your mosaic is perfect. After you have approved the preview we will despatch as soon as possible and delivery is usually within 1-3 working days. On average our mosaic orders take 2-5 working days for delivery from when you placed the order.

If you are ordering for a specific date then please let us know and we will able to prioritise your order to ensure delivery on time, including a free upgrade to Next Day delivery if required.

How does Mosaic Photo work?

Our mosaics are created by a team of professional mosaic artists who have a sharp eye and attention to detail with the combination of the best most sophisticated software developed by our own development team. This combination ensures the best possible mosaics in the quickest possible time and we are certain our mosaics will be the best you can get!

Our artists will check each of your tile photos individually to ensure they will work best in the mosaic and modify them if needed. We can also modify your main image to ensure the best possible mosaic. Perhaps you would like to remove someone from the background or just simply crop the picture slightly, we will be able to achieve anything you desire. Simply let us know and we will do our best!

I am having trouble uploading. How else can I send you my photos?

If you are experiencing issues with uploading your photos then we offer a number of alternatives.

You can send us your photos on a CD, DVD or USB drive to our address and we will post it you back once we have completed your mosaic!

Have DropBox? Then why not share a folder with us containing your photos.

WeTransfer? No problem. Just send us the link and we can download your photos.

In fact, whatever method you can think of we will be able to work with. Simply send us instructions on how we can retrieve your photos and we shall download them ourselves.

Can I have a black and white mosaic?

Yes of course you can. Simply let us know you would like a black and white mosaic and we shall update your order. If you ask nicely then we may even be able to send you a preview of your mosaic in colour and in black and white and you can choose which you prefer.

Do you offer any other sizes?

Yes. If you have a specific size you need then drop us an email and we will happily give you a quote.

Can I see a preview before payment?

Unfortunately as our mosaics are not simply automatically generated we cannot offer a preview before payment. This is because our artists will be working on your mosaic directly and personally. However, we will send you a preview via a link in an email once we have created your mosaic and at this stage you will be able to make any changes you like and we will continue working with you until your mosiac is perfect. Even if this takes several attempts to get right - although most of the time we get your mosaic perfect on the first preview.

Can I use my mosaic for commercial purposes?

Due to commercial limitations the mosaics produced by us cannot be used for any commercial purposes and may only be for personal use. If you wish to use one of our mosaics commercially then please contact us for a no obligation quote. Our commercial mosaic prices depend on the work load involved in producing them and what they will be used for.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently accept payment via Credit or Debit card through our secure checkout, alternatively you can pay using PayPal, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

What happens to my photos after you create the photo mosaic?

Any photo you upload or send to us is automatically removed from our systems after 3 weeks or as soon as your mosaic is completed and despatched. The completed mosaic is kept on our systems for 12 months just in case you would like to order another copy. However you can request for us to remove this once your mosaic is completed.