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Commercial Services

satisifaction for your business photo mosaic or your money back

We have worked directly with many small and large businesses, organisations and schools to provide a wide range of photo mosaics and photo editing services, from school leaving gifts to global advertising campaigns.

We like to go above and beyond so don't hesitate to ask if we can provide something extra. Your business mosaic will never be used for marketing purposes, the copyright for the final photo mosaic remains yours and once completed we return all supplied media and ensure all traces of your photos are removed from our systems.

Whatever your requirements may be please get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Mosaics in any size.

From small canvases with a few hundred photos to large building size mosaics with tens of thousands of photos. We can do it all.

photo mosaics in any size even bilboards
photo mosaics for businesses

Mosaics printed on anything.

From canvases to acrylic, pillow cases to mouse mats, just ask us if we can print your business mosaic. We are here to help you, so if you have any questions then please let us know. We will always be happy to spend the extra time working with you to make sure you get what you are looking for.

We do more than just printing.

Deep zoom mosaics.

We can provide you a small piece of code to embed your mosaic on your businesses website. Using the same technology as Google Maps these embedded mosaics allow the viewer to zoom deep into the mosaic whilst also loading incredibly quickly.

photo download hashtag twitter campaign

Twitter Campaigns.

Running a campaign for your customers / fans to provide you their photos? Leave the hard work to us. We can grab photos posted on twitter with your hashtag and use them in your mosaic.

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