Layered Mosaics

When we produce your mosaic we will always ensure the best results possible for your selected main photo, as every photo is different this usually involves adjusting the tile size. Photos that contain a lot of detail - such as a scenic view - would require fairly small tiles to ensure the detail in the overall mosaic, whereas photos with fewer details - such as a close up - can have larger tiles. We spend a lot of time working with your photo to ensure we can get this balance between the overall detail and the tile size perfect.

Occasionally the perfect mosaic can be difficult to achieve with certain photos, in particular when there is a large background to the photo, and so we developed a unique product that we like to call a 'Layered Mosaic'. Our layered mosaics will leave the main focus of your photo untouched and turn the background of the photo into a mosaic. This effect is often perfect for wedding photography or any photo where you would like to emphasise the main focus. If you are still unsure then checkout our layered mosaic photo examples for a better idea.

You can request a layered photo mosaic during the checkout process, and don't worry you won't need to do anything else. Just provide us with your photo and if it isn't obvious let us know what you like to be left untouched and what should be turned into a mosaic.